Woodgas International

Case Study of Acceptance of Champion TLUD Gasifier Stoves in the Deganga Area, Ganges Delta, India (2016)


With field data to document earlier challenges and current success, as of early 2016 the
Deganga TLUD Project in the Ganges Delta has over 11,000 Champion micro-gasifier stoves in a small rural area.  In seven villages, between 25% and 40% of households have adopted the stove.

Factors contributing to the success include funding via carbon offsets, attaining critical mass of households, adequate supplies of appropriate fuel, fuel cost savings, installment payments for the BOP (Base of the Pyramid), and stove maintenance services. 

Unique to this project, and very well received by the households, is the creation of household income from the sales of charcoal byproducts produced in the stove while cooking.  Similar results should be possible in other communities in developing societies.