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Engineers in Technical and Humanitarian Opportunities of Service (ETHOS)

Dr TLUD (Paul S. Anderson) was both a presenter and a keynote speaker at the 2012 ETHOS Conference held in Kirkland, Washington. In this post, he is making available five resource items related to both his keynote address and his Sunday presentation.

This first resource item is a multi-part video series of the full keynote address. Recorded by Dennis Hartley of the Aprovecho Research Center, the video is available as a five-part sequence at Dr TLUD’s YouTube channel. Beginning with Part 1 (below), viewers may use the onscreen (clickable) links provided at the end of each part to proceed to the next video in sequence.


The second item is a paper resource (PDF file) containing the content and visuals of the Sunday presentation:

Third is a link to a recent website post by Dr TLUD which has information and documents related to the actual use of barrel-size micro-gasification:

The fourth resource item is the Microsoft Office PowerPoint slideshow used during Dr TLUD’s keynote presentation:

And finally, the fifth resource item is a supplemental Microsoft Office PowerPoint slideshow consisting of slides not used in the above presentation: