On 20 December 1999, Dr. Thomas B. Reed registered the woodgas.com domain and, shortly thereafter, created the enormously popular Woodgas website.  During the next 14 years, the Woodgas website was the online home of the Biomass Energy Foundation (BEF).

After the BEF dissolved in 2013, Dr. Paul S. Anderson assumed ownership of the woodgas.com domain and management of the content of the former Woodgas/BEF website. One of the notable efforts of Dr. Anderson’s not-for-profit organization, Juntos Energy Solutions, has been to preserve, update, and make freely available this informative content, including all publications previously sold from the Biomass Energy Foundation’s bookstore page.  Please visit the Resources page (click here) of the Dr TLUD website.

[ Juntos Energy Solutions, NFP is the legal name of the umbrella organization for all research and development activities of Paul S. Anderson, PhD.  This organization is registered in the U.S. State of Illinois.  For all inquiries, please visit our contact page (click here). ]