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Paul S. Anderson, PhD
Biomass Energy Consultant
Executive Director, Juntos Energy Solutions, NFP
President, Woodgas Pyrolytics, Inc.

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Paul is a retired university professor who is widely known in the biomass stoves and biochar realms as “Dr TLUD” (a reference to a specific type of stove technology).  He holds degrees from Augustana College, the University of California, Berkeley, and the Australian National University.  He has lived twenty adult years outside of the United States, including when he was a Fulbright Professor in Brazil and Mozambique, and he has been an active Rotarian for nearly forty years.  His ability to perceive and utilize new opportunities along well-worn paths is expressed in his personal logo, the Upright Egg.

Upright Egg℠

Creativity That Works

Being mocked by courtiers who said someone else would have inevitably discovered the westerly route to the Indies, Columbus challenged them to make an egg stand on end.  Several tried in vain; others argued the task’s impossibility.  Finally, Columbus tapped one end of the egg on a table, pressed it slightly flat, and thus made it stand.  Moral: Most discoveries are very obvious, but only after someone shows the way.

As an expert and leader in TLUD (tee-lud) micro-gasification technology and its application in pyrolyzing biomass in stoves and charcoal makers, Paul Anderson is involved in numerous efforts worldwide.  He founded and leads Juntos Energy Solutions NFP, a nonprofit organization dedicated to energy solutions for families who live in impoverished households around the globe.

Daniel Velasquez

Daniel Velasquez
Co-Founder and Head, Fundación Senderos

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Also known as Ediel Venova, Daniel is a master in (rammed) earth-based construction techniques, developing works in Brazil and Venezuela. He is a designer of pyrolytic devices as a climate and care biodiversity strategy, implementing projects in the Andean region of Venezuela.